Good Service, High Quality, Fair Price.
DC Laser's creed is and always has been, "Good Service, High Quality, Fair Price". This has earned us a good clientele and we continue to earn their business and hopefully yours.

The materials we work with are varied and interesting. Some of the materials we engrave and etch are wood, acrylic, leather, paper, glass, mirror (front or back), stone, granite, marble, cardboard, bricks, pavers, slate, crystal, motorcycle chrome and the list goes on.

Some of the more interesting materials have been bananas and apples for a catering company's center piece...

 Frozen chocolate for a candy shop. Butter (refrigerated) for a restaurant and even pumpkin pies for seasonal gifts. Never know what the future will bring but it is always interesting.

The following pages on our web site will give you a small example of some of the things we do. It is not a complete listing as that would require too many lengthy pages. Please contact us and we will be glad to assist you in your requirements.
Marble Coasters
Fund Raising Bricks

About us.
     A few years ago Doug and Charleene Novic realized that their "retirement" funds would not be sufficient for retirement. Doug is a long time carpenter, cabinetmaker and always enjoyed CNC programming for wood working shops since 1993. The more difficult it was the more he enjoyed it. Decades of working with AutoCAD was very beneficial to programming as well. It seemed logical to express his creativity and enjoyment programming CNC laser equipment.
    Charleene is a school teacher and most importantly a visionary. It is her vision and support that has pushed Doug to go that extra step. Together they took a deep breath, gulped and threw their savings into the business and the equipment it required.
    It started as "Blue Duck Laser" and they exhibited and sold their wares in Arts & Crafts shows as much as they could and always with success. As you could imagine this was tiring work combined with their full time jobs and would be exhausting at times.
    Slowly other businesses learned of their services and sub-contracted their work to them. These were (and still are) sign shops, security firms specializing in loss prevention, motorcycle customizers, artists, contractors, architects, property maintenance professionals and more. Because of their expanding clientele "DC Laser of Maryland, llc" was formed and chartered in the state of Maryland. The "DC" stands for Doug and Charleene but because of the proximity to Washington, DC it also lends itself nicely to that interpretation as well.
    They are getting close to retirement now and look forward to managing and working DC Laser for the rest of their lives. It is not work if you enjoy it.